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Our mission is to completely revolutionize and reset the quality standards of mobile campaigns. Using proprietary technology, and a team of experts, we aid our clients to meet their business goals and explore the mobile territory with User Acquisition and Retargeting campaigns.


We believe that programmatic purchase is the bedrock of any data driven media Operation, either prospecting for new users or building a digital brand narrative.


Our programmatic native marketplace provides you a simple and scalable solution that adds a personal touch to your advertising to tell a consistent story across devices.


We create the opportunity for publishers and advertisers to add video strategies to their ongoing mobile campaigns, as a way to increase their engagement and boost awareness. A full funnel take on the operation is bound to grow your brand results.
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We are global experts in a worldwide company that owns and uses proprietary technology to bring impactful results to any business.

Where are we located?

New York, USA

São Paulo, Brazil

Mexico City, México

All services that we provide


An expert team dedicated to the planning and strategy of your campaign. Diving deeply in your business to ensure the success or achievement of your goals in the App Growth environment.

To Plan

BI team trained to analyze all the daily reports with a focus on the generation of insights and feedbacks in real time to identify new directions for the performance of the campaign.

We Operate

Our team executes all the strategy, monitoring of the evolution and daily optimization of the campaigns.


Custom Audience - Advanced Big Data

We act with efficiency in data analysis to find a customized and qualified audience for the advertiser's objective. More than measuring, it is necessary to extract the best information that will impact your business.

Technology - High Performance Platforms

We work with the best tools and online media platforms for Apps. Through a set of intelligent and high-performance players, we manage to solve any objective for the brand

Measurement - Analysis for decision making

Excellent data measurement ensures more accurate decisions to evolve your campaign. We map all strategic data to ensure media performance improvements.
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